Ethnic influence is apparent throughout history from cultures around the world.  In this set, Native American influence was used as it is popular right now.  Fringe is the main detail used on many articles of clothing ranging from shoes to jackets.  Also, turquoise is a popular color in accessories.

Technology in fashion is the future.  Garments that can regulate your body’s temperature is in the works and could become mainstream in the near future.  Many things are possible now and fabrics can be easily manipulated to harbor different characteristics.

Consumers like brands and companies that are associated with important causes or charities.  It adds depth to the brand itself  and what it means to the consumers who use its product.  Brands that delve in disaster relief efforts are greatly appreciated in the north Texas area as it is vulnerable to tornadoes.

Now more than ever, going green is an important action for consumers and companies to take.  Consumers are willing to pay more for a product that helps the environmental efforts.  By doing so it speaks out about them as a consumer.  Sometimes going green could even save the consumer money as the manufacturing process is more sustainable.



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