Up and Coming Designer

Les Aperizes

Los Angeles based, Les Aperizes, is the brain child of engaged couple Laurence Nguyen and Brian Tamborello.  Their first line debuted in spring 2012 of the L.A. Fashion Week.  Nguyen has experience from designing for Levi’s, RRL, and Christophe Lemaire (Magsaysay &  Moore 2012).  Tamborello has a background in photography and music.  “They describe the collection in dichotomies like “formal/informal, Victorian/Samurai, and embellished/industrial”,” (Phelps 2012).   The look is romantic with masculine touches and highly detailed.

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2 responses to “Up and Coming Designer

  • ericasteinunt

    The designs truly show movement into the future! I agree that Nguyen and Tamborello have a look to their designs that include a slight masculine touch to their feminine designs.

  • carolinevu

    That’s pretty neat that the line was created by a couple AND the fact that the woman is Vietnamese (I am too!). I’ve never heard of them before ;you can definitely tell from their designs that they are trying to go for a mixture of a feminine yet masculine look.

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