Trickle Up Fashion in the 21st Century

One trickle up fashion trend in the twenty-first century is the leather jacket.  It began as a lifestyle product for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  It was functional as well as fashionable.  Many biker gangs put their logo or patch identifying which group they belonged to.  Now we see leather jackets being warn the masses as well as celebrities.  Over time the leather jacket has made its way up through society from a niche lifestyle group to the very influential celebrities.


2 responses to “Trickle Up Fashion in the 21st Century

  • barmstrongunt


    I love your example of trickle up theory by using the leather jacket as I totally agree. It definitely started on the streets and worked its way up. I own two leather jackets and wear them all the time! If this trend hadn’t trickled up I don’t think I would wear them, let alone their fashionable.


  • carolinevu

    The leather jacket is a great example of a trickle up fashion trend! I definitely forgot that it started out with the lower class ; we see celebrities wearing them all the time that one could confuse who started the trend first.

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